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All About Tarot

Welcome to our garden where we are proud to offer an online Tarot resource as well as Tarot readings for all purposes. We are professional Tarot Card readers certified through the American Tarot Association who seek to provide the very best in personal and meditative guidance through a detailed analysis of Tarot readings as well as providing general information to spiritual seekers of any path, so, if you would like to learn a little more about Tarot, the history of the cards and especially the magic that Tarot reading can bring to your meditations, please browse around in the Tarot pages. You will find explainations of the card meanings, detailed examples of different Tarot spreads and layouts, and the opportunity to expand your education and insight in the world of Tarot. You can even request a professional help with your own readings if you are so inclined. Come on in... and be welcome.

God/dess of the Month
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God/dess of the Month

In keeping with the turns of the season's cycle as they move to the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year, we have been highlighting a goddess and/or god for each season. Because there are (of course) many deity archetypes, we have begun to refer to this little gem as "the God/dess of the Month" This way we can explore the myths and meanings of several different divine archetypes associated with each season. Drop in from time to time and see which deities are spotlighted. Who knows? You may run into an old friend.

Wheel of the Year
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The Wheel of the Year

Speaking of season cycles, are you looking for a little more insight into the Wheel of The Year? If so, please visit the Wheel of the Year page. There you will find a good place to begin exploring the universality of the link between people, the land upon which they live, and the natural cycles of each season. We have even included examples of ritual meditations you may find appropriate for the quarter and cross quarter celebrations of the year... nothing fancy, mind you... just a little something to get you started on your way.

Lunar Calendar
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Lunar Calendar

Perhaps you have heard of Lunar Calendars and you are already adept at creating and working with them. Maybe you have only heard of the concept but you have begun to think that you would like to create your own lunar calendar or learn a little bit about other lunar calendars and how they work. If so, please check out our Lunar Calendar section. Not only will you find information covering the lunar calendar system we use here in the Garden of the Midnight Moonchild, but, you will also find a smattering of information about the calendars used by such other traditions as Celtic, American Backwoods, and Nordic paths.

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If runes and runelore have caught your fancy, you may want to take a look at what we have gathered here regarding Runemal. Even though there are still disagreements as to the origin and heritage of runic systems of divination we are fairly confident that modern mantics (whatever your personal stance on runic heredity may be) will find something of interest from a simplified discussion of the care of runestones to the opportunity to learn how to create your own hand-carved set of runestones from the artisans here in the Garden of the Midnight Moonchild. So, drop in on the Rune pages and see what's up in this world of symbolic sortilege. Heck... you might want to check it out just to see what we mean by "symbolic sortilege"...

DarkMoon Divinations
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DarkMoon Divinations

Our very own singer conjures mystery and mirth with monthly prognostications blending the art of astrology with a twist of tarot.

These are cast and conjured to extend from the very barest sliver of each new moon all the way to the deepest blackness of the final darkmoon.

Each monthly prognostication comes with a wee bit of an overview as to the tradition and history of the current moon along with an astrological evaluation for each of the signs of the Zodiac blended with a powerful one card tarot reading. So, drop on by and see what the DarkMoon Divinations have in store for you.

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Other Links of Topical Interest

We haven't the space available to provide all the information available for every possible pagan topic. In fact, we're pretty sure we don't have all the information available on every possible pagan topic. What we do have, however, is a real sense of the electronic communities out there where shared information is bountiful and we have found these communities to be good places for you to begin your own research should anything here pique your interest. Based on our own experience we can heartily recommend the following web addresses;

Isaac Bonewits Neopagan Net

We would be utterly remiss if we didn't include this gem of a website. All to often the web is a source of garbled misinformation if not outright dis-information, Not so on Isaac Bonewits' site. If scrupulous research and well thought out opinions are what you're after, this is a most essential stop for you!

One: The Campaign To Make Poverty History

ONE is a new effort to rally people ONE by ONE to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. The ONE Campaign is engaging individuals through a diverse coalition of faith-based and anti-poverty organizers to show the steps people can take, ONE by ONE, to fight global AIDS and poverty. This is "abundance theory" in action... so... you know... pass it on!

Eris Bar and Grill

And, because we are talking about expanding personal consciousness to meet the needs of a global consciousness... (or at least we began to with the last link we mentioned...) we think, as far as consciousness expanding self exploration goes... it would be well worth while to stop in to this site for a refreshingly advanced approach... as far removed from the usual "New Age 101" fare as etch-a-sketch is removed from Art... maybe not for everyone's taste, but well worth a sample

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Oh yeah... we have provided a handy little way for you to contact us if you would like to share your ideas, insights, questions, and education with all our other garden dwellers. Just click on the e-mail link... easy huh?

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